Dental Lab




Applied technologies

BPS provides the custom-shaped parameters of the patient with the complete edentulism (with the help of left arch, centric tray, gnathometer). Teeth arrangement is performed with the help of 3-D calotte achieving the balanced occlusion. Cure of synthetic resin is performed in IvoBase injection apparatus by the method of continuous pressing with the computerized control.

CAD-CAM is the shortened form of the words Computer-Aided-Design (computer technology design) and Computer-Aided-Manufacture (computer technology production) which is widely used in dentistry.

This technology is used for producing of different types of splints which have the OccLuform occlusive arch and allows to perform double sided forming controlling the occlusion (teeth-grinding, relaxing splints, trays).

IPS e.max Press is an innovation glass ceramics based on LS2 lithium disilicate provides accuracy, functionality and esthetics. At that time it provides the high strength of work materials.

Galvanic technology helps to obtain very accurate unstrained fixation while producing of implant abutments (stress relieving function). This technology differs by its maximal accuracy, stability and simple usage. Especially indicated to the patients with great occlusal vertical dimension and necessity to reconstruct soft tissues.

In our laboratory we use Bego Fornax T  (centrifugal casting) and Texnoraz (vacuum casting) dental casting machines. Quality control is performed with the help of Vision microscope. That helps us to avoid the stage of subframes trying in.