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We are pleased to announce about the implementation of new technology for work with polymer composite from Bredent - High Impact Polymer Composite (HIPC).

This polymer composite is intended for long-term dental prosthetics which has significantly better physical characteristics in comparison with standard PMMA. HIPC provides high colour stability and immunity to debris creation (in comparison with ceramic veneer and pressable ceramics).

This material was tested on practice more than 7 years. Their exclusive reliability and wide range of usage recommendations was proven by clinical testing.

Among its advantages abrasion resistance and durability, as well as excellent acceptability and high degree of adaptation to aggressive environment to mouth cavity should be noted.

Besides, HIPC allows to achieve excellent color at minimum invasive prosthetics as well as it ideally suits for complicated cases with little space allowing to create the most esthetic prosthetic dentures.


Пример изготовленной работы Milled dental crowns, HIPC material: polished and shaded