Dental Lab





CAD-CAM is the shortened form of the words Computer-Aided-Design (computer technology design) and Computer-Aided-Manufacture (computer technology production) which is widely used in dentistry.

Necessary part of CAD-CAM technology is scanner for creation of patient's 3D virtual tooth pattern. In our practice we use 3Shape, MEDIT Identica Blue и inEos X5 scanners by Sirona Company.

Licensed software inLabSW 4.2, Exocad and 3Shape CAD Design Software provide the solutions for any tasks of arising in dental laboratory from esthetic analyses to complex implant constructions.  Implants are directly produced on five-axis Roland DWX-50, Imes Icore CORITEC 140i (wet milling) mills and CEREC inLab MC XL for esthetic works.

Zircons are sintered in special furnace Nabertherm (Germany).

accurate compliance with the technological process means the key for successful work.

CAD-CAM uses the following materials: Zircon dioxide (ZrO2), plastic (PMMA), wax (WAX), coblat-chrome (CoCr), lithium disilicate (E-Max Cad), titanium (Ti), Vita Enamic, VITA SUPRINITY, and others.